Alternative Uses for Laundry Scent Boosters

May 02, 2023 • Jamie Dorman

You know that our in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh and clean for longer. But did you know how many other ways you can put them to use? From making a DIY air freshener to eliminating that litter box smell, here are nine creative alternate uses for our laundry scent beads.

Freshen smelly shoes

Your shoes look amazing, but boy, do they stink! We’ve all been there. For an easy solution, try this smelly shoes remedy: when you aren’t wearing your shoes, sprinkle scent boosters into them, and let them sit. This will get rid of that “foot funk” and give them a fresh new scent.

Clean your garbage disposal

There’s nothing that can hamper the vibe of a kitchen like a smelly garbage disposal. To clean your garbage disposal and eliminate that unpleasant odor, simply pour one tablespoon of scent booster down the drain. Top it off with some hot water, and then turn on the disposal. Your disposal will smell as sweet as your fresh laundry.

Freshen your carpet

Carpets can be magnets for unpleasant odors. To freshen yours up, try our easy homemade carpet freshener recipe. First, cover the carpet with a healthy sprinkling of baking soda. This will help pull odors out of the rug. Next, put some of your favorite scent booster on top of the baking soda. Let this mixture sit for about an hour, so it has time to work its magic. Once an hour has passed, vacuum up the whole mixture, and voila! Carpets that smell fresh and delicious.

Make an air freshener

We love a good DIY project, and this DIY air freshener is one of our favorites. To give your favorite room a signature scent, start by pouring some scent booster into a small bowl or decorative container. Add a small amount of warm water, and then set the bowl out somewhere in the room.

Pro Tip: Putting the bowl in a sunny spot will intensify the scent and make it last longer.

Keep closets and drawers fresh

It’s easy for clothes to smell a bit stale after spending too much time folded up in a drawer or hanging in a closet. To keep clothing smelling fresh in closets and drawers, try this simple but effective hack: Fill small cloth bags or satchels with scent booster, and tuck them in drawers or hang them in your closet. This will ward off that stale smell and keep everything smelling clean.

Freshen kitty litter

We love cats as much as the next person, but we sure don’t love that litter box smell. To freshen up a litter box, add some baking soda and scent booster to the litter, and give it some time to soak up any offensive odors. When you’re finished, scoop the scent booster pellets out of the litter box.

Spruce up the toilet brush holder

Let’s face it. Nobody loves cleaning toilets. But the process can be made exponentially worse when you use a stinky toilet brush. To prevent this unpleasant experience, sprinkle some scent booster into the base of your toilet brush holder, and cover it with a small amount of water. This will allow your toilet brush to sit in pleasantly scented water, rather than gross toilet water.

Make your car smell sweet

We love how simple this DIY car air freshener is to make. Remember those cloth bags you used to freshen up your drawers and closet? Grab another one and fill it with your favorite scent booster. Bring it out to your car and hang it from the rear-view mirror or tuck it into a pocket somewhere in the car. Now your car will always smell like your favorite fresh laundry scent.

De-stinkify a trash can

There’s no getting around it—trash stinks. And after a while, it will inevitably make your trashcan stink. Luckily, it’s easy to make a trash can smell better.

To help fight the trash stinkies, put a satchel filled with scent booster in the bottom of the trash can, underneath the trash bag. This will fill the trash can with a fresh scent that will help mask the smell of garbage.


Not only are our in-wash scent boosters great for keeping our laundry smelling fresher longer, they’re also super versatile and can be used to tame odors of all kinds around your home. To keep your home looking clean and smelling fresh, visit Sheets Laundry Club and shop our collection of laundry, kitchen, and self-care products today!

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