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Kitchen Cleaners

When it comes to the kitchen, cleanliness matters. Cleaning your dishes and floors with our natural cleaning products will make your mom (and Mother Nature) proud.

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Dishwasher Detergent

Phosphates, dyes, and fragrances. What do these three things all have in common? They’re never found in our products! Our dishwasher detergent packs offer a cleaner, safer dishwashing alternative without compromising quality or power. Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to squeaky clean dishes!

Dish Soap

Solid dish soap? We promise you aren’t imagining things. Our dish soap bars are handcrafted from organic castor and coconut oils, making them tough on stains but oh-so-soft on your hands. With two refreshing scents – lemon and May Chang – and an unscented option, there’s a sweet smell for every nose. How easy is it to use? So simple it’s almost criminal. Simply wet the included all-natural scrubber, rub it on the bar, and voila! Dishes conquered.

Floor Cleaner

Close your eyes and picture it. (Go ahead. We’ll wait.) A clutter-free kitchen closet uncrowded by awkward buckets, mops, and cleaning supplies. In their place, a single recyclable box– of our All-Purpose Floor Cleaner Sheets! These mess-free, waste-free, hassle-free floor cleaning wipes are infused with lemon essential oil, so they leave your floors smelling like a citrus orchard and shining bright like a diamond.

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Gone are the days of awkward mop buckets, chemical-laden dish detergent, and stinky old sponges. Our all-natural kitchen cleaners help keep your home and family safe and healthy, and our sustainable packaging helps keep the planet safe and healthy, too.

From kitchen floor cleaner to dishwasher detergent and even our self-care line featuring hydrating handmade soaps, you can keep your home (and those living within it) clean, happy, and healthy. Shop Sheets Laundry Club today and let our modern kitchen cleaning products simplify your daily routine!