How To Get Gum Out of Clothes

June 22, 2023 • Jamie Dorman

At Sheets Laundry Club, we’re proud to offer you safe and effective laundry and cleaning solutions for even the stickiest of situations. But what about gum? 

Be prepared for the next time you laugh a little too hard, and your gum flies out of your mouth and onto your sleeve. Or you sit down only to find out that the last occupant of your chair left you a chewed-up bubble gum surprise.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to remove gum from clothing quickly and easily.

How to Get Gum Out of Clothes in 5 Simple Steps

1. Work Quickly

Whenever possible, get to work removing the gum as soon as you realize it’s stuck to your clothes. The longer the gum sits, the more firmly it will adhere, making it more difficult to remove later. Time is of the essence in this situation, so immediate action is important.

2. Gather Your Tools

Surprisingly, everything you need to get that pesky gum off of your outfit can be found in your freezer. In fact, two ice cubes are all it takes to successfully remove it. Once you have your two ice cubes handy, you’re ready to roll.

3. Freeze the Underside

If you’re wearing the gum-laden garment, take it off if you’re able. This will make these next few steps much easier to coordinate.

Once you’ve removed the item, lift up the fabric, and place the ice cube on the backside of the material, directly under the gum splat. Rub the ice cube back and forth across the soiled area, and then hold it firmly in place for several seconds. Give the ice time to freeze the gum. This will harden it and make it less sticky.

4. Begin to Peel

When the gum starts to feel cold and firm, use your fingers or a dull object to begin peeling the gum off the fabric. Don’t get too aggressive during this step—just gently pull on the gum, being careful not to damage the fabric. This step isn’t about removing the gum completely but rather about gingerly beginning to loosen it. Some gum may come off at this point, but there will likely still be more stuck to the garment.

5. Ice the Top

Rub the second ice cube over the top of the gum and apply a medium level of pressure while being careful not to push the gum further into the fabric. Make sure to cover all areas where there is gum and allow time for the gum to harden and become cold. Once you’ve done this, once again peel the gum off piece by piece.

This should do the trick and allow you to remove all the gum, but for extra stubborn bits, repeat the process as needed. Remember to use ice both underneath and on top of the stain in order to fully loosen the gum from the fabric. Once you’re finished, your clothing will look brand new, with no hint of the gum that once threatened to destroy your outfit.

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