How to Get Ink Stains Out of Clothes

July 10, 2023 • Jamie Dorman

Ever had a pen explode in your pocket? Or accidentally drawn on your clothes with an ink pen? The result is unsightly ink stains all over your clothing. Looking at a dark black or blue stain can make it seem like your garment is destroyed forever.

But not to worry! While this daunting type of stain can make it seem like your clothing is ruined, we have a tried-and-true, unexpected hack that will teach you how to get ink stains out of clothes quickly and easily. Here’s how to remove ink stains from your favorite outfit.

Step 1: Remove the stained clothing

Take off the ink-stained clothing and lay it flat on a clean surface. Make sure the stained side is facing up for easy access. Remember, the sooner you address the stain, the better your chances of removing it completely.

Step 2: Gather materials

For this cleaning hack, you'll only need two materials that are likely already available in your home. Grab a can of hairspray (any type will do) and a few paper towels or a clean cloth. These simple items will help you tackle those stubborn ink stains.

Step 3: Spray the stain

Despite the initial instinct to avoid adding more substances to the garment, spraying the ink stain with hairspray is the next crucial step. Ensure the stain is saturated, covering all areas, including the corners, to prevent further spreading of the ink.

Step 4: Dab away

Begin to carefully but firmly dab the stain with a paper towel or clean cloth. You will know it is working when you notice the ink transferring onto the paper towel or cloth. Continue dabbing until you can no longer see any traces of ink on your clothing.

Step 5: Let it dry

Once you’ve removed the ink stain completely, allow the hairspray to fully dry on the clothing. This step is essential to ensure there is no ink residue left in the fabric. Failure to let it dry completely may result in the stain reappearing during the wash.

Finally, the Grand Finale: Wash Away Ink Stains and Embrace Freshness!

After the ink stain is fully dry, it's time to wash the garment. Include it in a regular load of laundry with similarly colored items. For extra assurance, toss in some of our stain fighter in the washer to combat any stubborn ink lingering in the fabric's fibers. Add one of our laundry sheets, and allow the cycle to run, cleaning your clothes and erasing any memory of the ink stain that once threatened to ruin your outfit. Then toss it in the dryer with a dryer sheet so it will smell fresh and brand new.

TikTok Tips: Remove Ink Stains Like a Pro with Sheets Laundry Club

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