How to Remove Makeup Stains from Clothes

August 08, 2023 • Jamie Dorman

Makeup stains on clothes can be an absolute nightmare, turning your favorite outfit from fabulous to frustrating in no time. As much as we adore our makeup for enhancing our beauty, removing makeup stains on clothing can be a real challenge.

The oil-based nature of most makeup products makes them stubborn and resistant to water-based stain removal methods. But fear not, as we have a hack that will teach you how to remove makeup stains from clothes and ensure you never have to bid farewell to another cherished garment due to makeup stains.

Scrape Off What You Can

Before diving into stain removal techniques, assess if the makeup is merely sitting on the surface of the fabric. If it appears to be caked on, use a gentle blunt edge, such as a butter knife, credit card, or spoon, to carefully scrape off as much makeup as possible. Avoid rubbing the makeup further into the fabric, and be cautious while applying pressure.

After the initial scraping, use your fingers or a paper towel to gently brush off any loosened makeup clumps or fragments from the fabric. This step prepares the fabric for further treatment and ensures a better chance of complete stain removal.

Treat with Alcohol

As oil-based makeup stains are notoriously challenging to remove, alcohol comes to the rescue as an effective solution. If you have rubbing alcohol on hand, grab a clean rag or towel and saturate it generously with rubbing alcohol. Use the alcohol-soaked towel to scrub the stain out of the fabric. Depending on the intensity of the stain, you may need to reapply alcohol to the towel during the process.

In the absence of rubbing alcohol, a hairspray with a high alcohol content can yield similar results. Simply spray the stain until it's fully saturated, and allow the hairspray to set into the fabric for a few minutes. Afterward, use a damp paper towel to blot the stain, effectively removing most of the hairspray and makeup.

Scrub with Paste

Now, here comes the genius part that sets our method apart from the rest. Grab one of our Sheets Laundry Club detergent sheets and combine it with a small amount of water to create a potent stain-removing paste. Employ a soft toothbrush to blend the paste, aiming for a thick yet spreadable consistency.

Apply the paste to the stain, using the toothbrush to scrub the area gently. Witness how the combination of Sheetly Laundry Club's detergent sheet and the paste effortlessly lifts the remaining traces of makeup, leaving your garment looking renewed and flawless.

Rinse and Repeat (if Necessary)

Once you've tackled the stain with our powerful paste, it's time to give the garment a refreshing rinse under running water. The higher water pressure can work wonders in flushing away the last remnants of the makeup stain. Thoroughly rinse the fabric until the stain is nowhere to be seen.

If any faint traces of the makeup stain linger, don't fret; simply repeat the previous steps until your garment achieves perfection. Rest assured that our method is designed to conquer even the most persistent makeup stains, ensuring your clothes are ready to shine brightly once more.

Wash as Usual

With the makeup stain successfully banished, you can proceed to wash your clothing on a normal wash cycle, just as you usually would. Enhance the washing process by adding one of our Sheets Laundry Club laundry sheets, along with any other laundry supplies you prefer. In case any slight stain residue lingers, our stain remover will ensure your clothes are spotless.

Dry Inside or Out

Once this magical process is complete, inspect your garment to ensure no traces of makeup are left. If possible, opt for air drying your clothes outside, where the sun's rays and fresh air will contribute to a crisp and refreshing outcome. Alternatively, feel free to toss your clothing into the dryer along with our dryer sheets for the regular drying process.

With these simple yet effective steps, you can bid farewell to makeup stains on your clothes, preserving your favorite pieces for countless fashionable moments. So, whether it's a bold lipstick smudge or an accidental foundation spill, rest assured that your clothing will remain untarnished from makeup mishaps. Happy laundering, Sheets fam!

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