Coconut Coir Dish & Utensil Scrub (5 Pack)


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Say goodbye to having bits of steel and synthetic scrubs in your food. Check out our 100% natural scrub that is safe on coated utensils unlike steel scrubs and cleans better than anything plastic. Now in the traditional circular shape. Made using 100% naturally processed bristle coir fiber.


Vegan Friendly


Plastic Free

All-Natural Materials



For us, being transparent about our products and their ingredients matters. You deserve to know what’s in the products you bring into your home. We want to help you make the best choices for you and your family.

  • 100% Natural Coir Scrub stitched together with cotton thread
  • Made from coconut fiber these are naturally anti-microbial and keeps your dishes whistle clean
  • Great replacement for plastic utensil cleaners, best of all, no microplastics going down the drain
  • Very handy and comfortable to hold

How To Use

Tips to keep your scrub working it's best:

1. Rinse after each use

2. Store in a dry place.

3. If your scrub changes color or starts to smell, it is time to replace it.

4. Your scrub will shed during use, this is normal.


Other Details

Say goodbye to having bits of steel and synthetic scrubs in your food. This dish scrub is all natural, made from coconut, and is a eco-friendly, conscientious way of getting your dishes sparkling clean.

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