Laundry Starter Set


Product Description

What's included:

x2 Laundry Detergent Sheets

2 Boxes of 50ct Detergent Sheets (2x Fresh Linen)

x2 Natural Dryer Sheets

2 Boxes of Natural Dryer Sheet scents: Vitality & Lavender (40ct boxes)

x4 Scent Boosters

All 4 of our 8oz Scent Booster tubes (Uncharted Waters, Sandbar, Sea Breeze, Lavender)

x2 EcoBoost

2 (12ct) Ecoobost Stain Fighter Packs


Other Details

This All-In-One Laundry Starter Set is everything you need to eliminate plastic from your laundry room for months.  This bundle is perfect for those who would like to try our full range of laundry products and get the perfect clean.
What's Included: 2x Detergent Sheets (Fresh Linen), 2x Natural Dryer Sheets (Vitality & Lavender), 4x Scent Boosters (All Scents), 2x EcoBoost Stain Fighter Packs

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